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Laure Darcy

Laure Darcy is a state-owned enterprise adviser to the Asian Development Bank and the co-author of the series of ADB reports Finding Balance, Benchmarking the Performance of State-Owned Enterprises.  Laure has 18 years experience in defining and implementing private sector development strategies, state-owned enterprise restructuring, privatization and public-private partnerships in emerging markets. Laure's country experience includes Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, West/Bank and Gaza, Morocco, Bosnia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji, France. 

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  • Pacific state-owned enterprises are underperforming and need reform

    The Small Island Developing States conference held earlier this month included the launch of the Asian Development Bank's latest state-owned enterprise (SOE) benchmarking study, Finding Balance: Benchmarking the Performance of SOEs in Island Countries. The study compares the performance of SOEs in nine island countries (Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, PNG, Tonga, Jamaica, Mauritius and Cape Verde) over a 10-year period, and measures their impact on economic growth.