Marcin Kaczmarski

Marcin Kaczmarski is Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Aberystwyth University (2013), a Taiwan Fellow at the Chengchi University (2016), and a Visiting Researcher at the Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University (2017). He has combined his scholarly research with policy analysis for the Warsaw-based think-tank, the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), where he worked in the Russian Department (2006-2012) and, since 2014, has been heading the China-EU Programme. His research interests focus on the Russian-Chinese relationship and Russia’s foreign policy, with special reference to domestic sources of Russia’s international conduct and Russia’s role in international crises. His recent publications include a monograph Russia-China relations in the post-crisis international order (Routledge 2015) and articles in International Politics, Problems of Post-communism and Demokratizatsiya. He blogs on current developments in Russia-China relations.

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