Maria Rost Rublee

Maria Rost Rublee is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Monash University, with expertise in international security, including nuclear politics, maritime security, and diversity in security studies. She is also President of Women in International Security-Australia. Her current nuclear-related projects include analysis of the examination of Australia’s nuclear futures, public opinion and nuclear politics, and investigation into the social construction of nuclear energy.

Rublee has received grants from the United States Institute of Peace, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International Studies Association (ISA), the Asia:NZ Foundation, and the Japan Foundation. Her work has been published in a variety of international journals, including Contemporary Security Policy, International Studies Review, Comparative Political Studies, and the Nonproliferation Review.

Rublee’s book, Nonproliferation Norms:  Why States Choose Nuclear Restraint, received the Alexander George Book Award for best book in political psychology, awarded by the International Society for Political Psychology. She is past Chair of the International Security Studies Section of ISA, an editorial board member of International Affairs, Contemporary Security Policy and the Nonproliferation Review, and a former editor of International Studies Perspectives

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