Melinda Rankin

Dr Melinda Rankin is currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, and lecturer at The University of Sydney. Earlier this year, Melinda was Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Constitutionalism, WZB Social Science Centre Berlin @WZB_GlobCon.

Melinda’s current research project explores Mary Kaldor’s ‘new wars’ (and “cosmopolitan law enforcement”) thesis in the context of responsibility to protect (R2P) and international criminal and humanitarian law (ICHL), with a focus on Syria and Iraq. Melinda’s particular interests concern the role of non-state actors and their attempts to extend the system of international criminal and humanitarian law (ICHL) in response to organised violence. It also explores the role of armed state and non-state actors in their use of political violence as a process, outcome, and policy. In addition, her work examines the interplay between Western and Islamic concepts of the law, as well as mechanisms for justice and accountability.

She is the author of The Political Life of Mary Kaldor: Ideas and Action in International Relations (Lynne Rienner, 2017). 

Previously, Melinda was Guest Lecturer and Tutor in International Relations at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne; and an Examiner for the Military & Defence Studies Programme, at Australian National University. She also briefly studied Farsi at the University of Tehran. Prior to her academic career, Melinda worked in projects, business operations, and strategy for groups such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York, MLC, ANZ and Genworth.

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