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Monday 19 Mar 2018 | 22:02 | SYDNEY
Monday 19 Mar 2018 | 22:02 | SYDNEY


Melinda Rankin

Melinda Rankin is a Lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney, Australia. She is conducting a three-year research project on the Commission for international Justice and Accountability (CIJA) and the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM) for Syria. Previously, she was a Guest Lecturer at La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne, and an Examiner for the Military & Defence Studies Programme, at Australian National University. She is the author of The Political Life of Mary Kaldor: Ideas and Action in International Relations (Lynne Rienner, 2017). During her career, Melinda has also worked in projects and strategy for groups such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York, MLC and Genworth.

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