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Michael Martins

Michael Martins joined the Institute of Directors in October 2014 as an Economic Analyst, before being promoted to Economist in January 2015. He works on a wide range of macroeconomic subjects and develops new policy and thought leadership.

Prior to joining the IoD, Michael worked at the United Nations Development Programme’s Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development in Istanbul, Turkey, at the UK House of Commons in Mark Hunter MP’s office, for Congressman Admiral Joseph Sestak in Philadelphia, USA, for Martha Hall Findlay MP in Toronto, Canada, and for Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory.

Michael has an MSc from the London School of Economics and an MA and a BA (Hons.) from York University in his native Toronto, Canada.


Articles by Michael Martins (2)

  • Uncertainty filters into UK economy as nation holds its breath

    As 23 June, the date of the UK's upcoming referendum on EU membership, nears, the attendant debate has intensified and fractured into two broad camps. Those that want to 'Leave' argue the UK would have a stronger economy, and retain more national sovereignty outside of the EU. Those in the 'Remain' camp say trade with the EU makes the UK much stronger economically, and its voice within the Union makes it much more politically important.