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Mihoko Matsubara

Mihoko Matsubara is Adjunct Fellow, Pacific Forum CSIS. She received her MA in International Relations and Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on Fulbright. She has published on cyber security issues via various outlets including The Diplomat, East Asia Forum, and World Politics Review. Her most recent publication is 'Countering Cyber-Espionage and Sabotage: The Next Step for Japanese-UK Cyber-security Co-operation' in the RUSI Journal, Feb 2014, Vo. 159, No. 1.

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  • US indictment of Chinese hackers: No way out

    On 19 May, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) indicted five officers of People's Liberation Army (PLA) on charges of hacking the computers of six US entities to benefit China's state-owned enterprises. This marked the first 'criminal charges against known state actors for hacking,' according to the DOJ. This move reflects the mounting frustration of the US Government and industry at allegedly ongoing cyber espionage by the Chinese.