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Norman Bell

Norman Bell is an American journalist who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He holds a master’s degree in American studies.

Articles by Norman Bell (7)

  • Trump's victim mentality strikes a chord with some

    Another debate, another good start for Donald Trump ending in a train wreck. Media pundits are freaking out about Trump saying he won’t promise to accept the election result as legitimate. The system is rigged, he blusters. Blasphemy, they scream. The democracy’s foundation is built on a peaceful transition following a fair election.
  • Republicans play risky game down ballot

    Would you jump off a roller coaster ride as the car picked up speed downhill? Probably not. But that's just what dozens of Republican candidates did over the weekend as Donald Trump's presidential campaign seemingly imploded over a decade-old audio tape. The details of Trump's 'locker room' banter have been widely reported.
  • Some Americans already looking forward to 2020

    It’s hard to imagine either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump made many converts with their performances Monday evening at Hofstra University, despite over 80 million Americans tuning in. But the debate did its job in getting Americans talking about the candidates and the issues.  By most accounts, Trump won the first half hour of the debate.
  • Labor Day reckoning: Soon it will be time to choose

    The nightly Olympic Games distraction is over. The hamburgers and macaroni salad are on order for the Labor Day weekend cookout. Soon, the old school political scientists tell us, it will be time for undecided American voters to really tune in to the presidential campaigns and weigh the issues. The problem is that undecided voters are an endangered species as American politics sorts itself into two camps: anti-Trump and anti-Clinton.
  • Yes, the US is at a fork in the road: Please bear with us

    Easy, Australia. Don’t let some bombast and uncivil language from Donald Trump change your view of the United States and its intentions. We share a language, a set of values and too many common interests to be anything but friends and allies. Cover your ears and bear with us for another six months. The rhetoric will only get worse as The Donald and Hillary Clinton square off in what will certainly be a nasty campaign for our presidency.