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Paul Bourke

Paul Bourke worked in the Economic Analytical Unit and as a Japan Trade & Economic specialist at DFAT from 2003-2008. He left DFAT to work in the international carbon market in London and Asia and was also Head of Economics at the British Wind Energy Association during his time in the UK. He is curently Senior Advisor to Australian energy economics consultancy, CME.

He has a Master of International Affairs from the School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University. 

Articles by Paul Bourke (2)

  • Climate and energy policy merging, but where is Australia?

    Australia's low level of ambition ahead of next year's climate change talks in Paris reveals more than the negative effect of domestic politics on our international reputation and economic future. The broader message to trading partners, investors and policymakers is that Australia is unwilling to change because it is unable to change.
  • DFAT is not ready for a larger Australia

    There's a big, a big hard sun Beating on the big people In a big hard world – Eddie Vedder, 'Hard Sun' Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove is to be commended for calling for a 'larger Australia'. However, the old adage of 'quality not quantity' also applies.