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Rima Flihan

Rima Flihan is a Syrian writer and human rights activist. She is a former member of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. Rima is also responsible for the human rights file in the Geneva II negotiations for the Syrian opposition. Past positions have also included Chair of the preparatory committee for the Cairo Conference for the Syrian opposition, member of the feminist lobby for the Syrian Public Relations Committee and a member of the Conference for Civil Reconciliations Initiative (Cairo). Rima also wrote a statement for the children of Daraa requesting the insertion of food and baby milk after the Assad regime's siege of the city in April, 2011. 

Rima has worked in various social fields since 2000, focusingon women and children's issues, particularly those concerning orphans, homeless and juveniles.

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  • To combat ISIS, refocus international attention on Assad and revive the Geneva process

    In March 2011, the Syrian people started their national uprising, motivated by the Arab Spring and following decades of oppression under the dynastic Assad regime. The peaceful uprising lasted for an entire year. The Syrian regime confronted it with violence and directed its security forces, and the so-called Shabiha militias, to confront defenceless people, leaving behind hundreds of Syrian victims and thousands of detainees.