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Sarah Frankel

Sarah Frankel is a freelance writer based in Sydney. She previously spent 10 years as an intelligence analyst for the US Government where she focused on the UN and conflict resolution issues. She specialises in profiling world leaders and analysing leadership dynamics. Sarah holds a master's degree in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Dickinson College.


Articles by Sarah Frankel (17)

  • Where Rudd might end up on team Guterres

    With the UN General Assembly expected to approve Antonio Guterres as the next UN secretary-general (SG) this week, 'the race is on to join team Guterres'. As Peter Nadin has suggested, Kevin Rudd may try to translate his work as chair of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM) into a 'cabinet' post under Guterres.
  • The next UN secretary-general: How to avoid ''hitting the ground stumbling' (part one)

    This is part one of a two-part series that looks at the task ahead for the next UN secretary-general. The first post will examine the immediate staffing challenges and part two will offer strategies to address gender issues, communication, and consultations. With the UN Security Council recommending Antonio Guterres as the next secretary-general (SG) last week, the competition to succeed Ban Ki-moon is all but over and the 'race is on to join team Guterres at the UN'.
  • Rudd’s latest manoeuvre in the race to lead the UN

    The indefatigable Kevin Rudd appeared in the news on the UN secretary-general (SG) race yet again in recent days. After denying that Rudd had sought out other countries to nominate him for SG, his spokesperson released a statement claiming that another government had approached Rudd about giving him the nomination.
  • High stakes at high-level week for UN secretary-general hopefuls

    Nine candidates are still in the running for UN secretary-general (SG) as the UN general debate kicks off this week, the so-called 'high-level week' that may be a make or break moment for many of their candidacies. This critical lobbying opportunity comes after several twists in the race over the past couple weeks, setting the stage for potential backroom deals between the candidates and Security Council members.
  • UN secretary-general race: Taking stock after the third straw poll

    The results from this week's straw poll for the UN secretary-general (SG) race introduced a couple of new twists, although former Portuguese prime minister turned UN refugee chief António Guterres remains in the lead. He received 11 'encourage' votes from the UN Security Council's 15 members but picked up an additional 'discourage' vote, giving him three 'discourages' this time around. The second and third runners-up, however, have shifted yet again as lobbying continues behind the scenes.
  • End of the line for Rudd's UN bid

    Prime Minister Turnbull's refusal to nominate Kevin Rudd for UN secretary-general (SG) last week, claiming Rudd wasn’t ‘well suited,’ almost certainly ends his chance at running for the UN’s top spot. It was an unexpected twist for UN watchers, including myself, who have spent more time debating Rudd’s campaign strategy and which of the veto-wielding permanent five members of the UN Security Council might block his bid, rather than questioning the support of his own government.