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Sophia Kagan

Sophia Kagan is a Labour Migration Technical Officer on the Pacific Climate Change and Mobility Project, with the International Labour Office for Pacific Island Countries. You can follow updates on the PCCM Project on the PCCM Facebook Group or by signing up to our newsletters (please email Further information on labour mobility in the Pacific can also be found on the ILO Suva Labour Migration website

Articles by Sophia Kagan (1)

  • 'Timeless Tuvalu' and the role of migration

    'Timeless Tuvalu' is the country's branding to the world, or at least to the trickle of visitors that arrive every year to the tiny country of 10,000 people. It does indeed feel timeless as I walk the stretch of Fongafale (the main island, on which the capital is located). As I meander the streets in search of adventure, I find small batches of women fanning themselves in a maeba (open air raised huts), hands dripping crimson from the blood pudding they are preparing.