Stephanie Dunstan

Stephanie Dunstan is Head of Communications at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

Previously, Stephanie was Director, Strategic Communciations, at the Lowy Institute.  She joined the Institute in June 2011 following six years with the United Nations in Asia – Pacific and UN headquarters.

Based in Bangkok Stephanie served as an international campaign coordinator for the UN Environment Program and coordinated a region-wide Millennium Development Goals advocacy program for the UN Economic & Social Commission.

Following her time in Asia – Pacific Stephanie's expertise in climate change took her to New York, where she worked as Special Assistant to a UN Assistant Secretary General (UNDP) providing policy advice on a range of environmental/development issues, including coordinating the UNDP delegation to the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Stephanie holds a B.Arts/B.Public Policy from Melbourne University and is a Chevening scholar with a MSc from the London School of Economics. She started her career at the Environment Protection Authority, Victoria.