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Sue-Lin Wong

Sue-Lin Wong is a former New York Times Beijing Bureau intern and a current Asian Studies/Laws student at the Australian National University. She has been published in The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Atlantic, Foreign Policy, the Straits Times and the Australian Financial Review. Her Twitter handle is @suelinwong.

Articles by Sue-Lin Wong (2)

  • 'You know what I mean': Chinese official's unscripted words light up social media

    Chinese social media exploded last night after a top Chinese official coyly answered a question from a South China Morning Post reporter about whether China's former security chief and powerful politburo member, Zhou Yongkang, would be formally investigated for corruption. In response to the reporter's query, Lu Xinhua, a spokesperson for the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), tiptoed around the question.
  • Battle of the internet giants: Facebook, WhatsApp and the rise of China's WeChat

    Facebook's hefty US$19 billion purchase in cash and stocks of WhatsApp has stunned Silicon Valley, but could it be that the acquisition was partly motivated by the stunning rise of Asian messaging apps like China's WeChat? From fake iPhones to pirated DVDs and imitation architecture of the Sydney Opera House, China is a nation notorious for its copycat culture. But WeChat, a messaging app by Chinese internet giant Tencent, may be an example of the innovation that exists within this culture.