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Tim Mayfield

Tim Mayfield works as the Executive Officer to the Chancellor of the ANU, Professor Gareth Evans AC QC. He recently served as Deputy Director for the ANU’s Crawford Australian Leadership Forum. Tim has previously worked at The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Defence. He was also an Officer in the Australian Army Reserve for eight years.    

He has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies from the ANU.



Articles by Tim Mayfield (4)

  • In defence of the new terror laws

    News that the UK has upgraded its terrorism threat level from 'substantial' to 'severe' will undoubtedly help the Abbott Government to prosecute its case for enhanced anti-terror legislation.
  • Australians back tougher anti-terror laws

    The early numbers are in on the Government's proposed toughening of Australia's anti-terror laws and they make for interesting reading. According to Newspoll, 77% of respondents were in favour of the new law that would require individuals who travel to pre-designated conflict zones to prove they had not been in contact with any terrorist groups. This result is significant. It is significant because, when it comes to matters of national security, public opinion really does matter.