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Tobias Haque

Tobias Haque is an Economist with the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit, East Asia and Pacific Region at the World Bank. He is based in the Sydney office, working on a variety of macroeconomic and public finance management issues across the Pacific Island countries. Before moving to Sydney, Tobias held the role of Country Economist for Solomon Islands, based in the newly-established Honiara office. Prior to joining the World Bank, Tobias worked on a wide variety of economic development issues across various South-East Asian countries as a Program Manager at the New Zealand Agency for International Development and at Castalia - a private consulting firm, specializing in regulation of network infrastructure. He began his career at the New Zealand Treasury, where he spent time in the Office of the Chief Executive, providing analysis and advice to Treasury's Senior Management Team on long-term strategic issues facing the New Zealand economy.

Articles by Tobias Haque (1)

  • Employment in East Asia and the Pacific: Pacific constraints require Pacific solutions

    The World Bank's new regional report on linkages between employment and development celebrates the employment gains from recent economic transformation across much of the 'East Asia Pacific' region: In the last 20 years, East Asia Pacific saw rising productivity amid a brisk structural transformation, with large movements of people into cities and higher output in agriculture, manufacture and services.