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Migration and Border Policy links: Filipino domestic workers, the UN migration compact, the Australian budget and more

Migration policy and the UK election, the potential cost of modern visa regimes, and Australian budget analysis.

Refugee exhibit at the Newseum, Washington DC (Photo: Flickr/Elvert Barnes)
Refugee exhibit at the Newseum, Washington DC (Photo: Flickr/Elvert Barnes)
Published 11 May 2017   Follow @rebuckland

  • The Australian Federal Budget handed down this week shows the Department of Immigration expects to cut 245 full time jobs and spend $60 million to enhance biometric capabilities.
  • Read the Kaldor Centre’s take on what the 2017-1018 Budget means for Australian refugee policy. 
  • Consultation on the UN's Global Compact on Migration began this week. Watch the 1st informal thematic session here.
  • International Migration Institute’s (IMI) Laura Stielike has published a working paper critiquing the relationship between migration and development.
  • In The New York Times, Ruth Margalit discusses the experiences of Filipino domestic workers in Israel.
  • Writing for Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva and Robert McNeil track net migration policy in the lead up to the UK election.
  • The American Immigration Council has released a report detailing the costs of expedited deportation of asylum seekers.
  • Daniel Fisher examines the securitisation of the Morocco-Spain border in this post on Border Criminologies.
  • A recent European Court of Justice decision has raised questions about a derived right of residence for non-EU parents in relation to their EU citizen children.
  • Writing for IMI, Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz examines the potential costs of modern visa regimes.

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