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Reader riposte: Keating's China stance has changed

Reader riposte: Keating's China stance has changed
Published 6 Dec 2013 

Dr Yawei Huang writes:

I have just read Mr Keating's recent speech on China's strategic responsibility in Asia. I found Mr Keating's position towards China's rise and his view on the new order and Australia's role in the region have changed dramatically.

Speaking at the Annual John Curtin Prime Ministerial Lecture in Perth, Mr Paul Keating advised that the rise of China as the largest economy in the world shouldn’t be regarded as a threat, but a positive thing for the Asia Pacific region and for the world at large. Australia 'should never return to a position of fear or reaction of the kind that prevailed during the Menzies years, nor should we look to position ourselves as a comfortable accessory tucked under someone else’s armpit.' Australia should support co-operative regionalism and move towards more independent foreign policy stance.

In this speech, Mr Keating has insightfully seen the dynamics of changing international order in the Asia Pacific region and the inadequacy of Australia's out-of-date relationships with its allies in a rapidly changing world, and correctly predicted the new order of the future world and the significant role of Australia in the transformation of the new world order. But, in his recent speech, Mr Keating's insightful views have all vanished...

I am not sure if I have understood Mr Keating's recent speech correctly.

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