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Southeast Asia links: Burmese cats, Vietnam-China, kidney trafficking, AIIB and more

Southeast Asia links: Burmese cats, Vietnam-China, kidney trafficking, AIIB and more
Published 28 Oct 2014   Follow @elliotbrennan

  • China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, visited Vietnam in yet another sign of improving ties. Carl Thayer looked at the establishment of the  China-Vietnam defence hotline and asked what's next.
  • The Institute for Security and Development Policy looked at Slavery and Human Trafficking in the Greater Mekong.
  • Meanwhile, there are fears of an emerging Cambodia-Thai organ trafficking ring in kidneys.
  • Burmese cats are returning from the brink of extinction in Myanmar through a dedicated repatriation program.
  • Almost two months after al Qaeda announced its intent to carry out operations in Myanmar,  Naypyidaw unveiled a new CT unit.
  • Malaysia joined 20 nations (including Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines) to set up the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. An Interpreter post recently argued why Australia should join.
  • In what is often a forgotten point of view, an International Crisis Group report on the situation in Rakhine state in Myanmar noted that:
    Rakhine Buddhists have tended to be cast as violent extremists, which ignores the diversity of opinions that exists and the fact that they themselves are a long-oppressed minority. They are concerned that their culture is under threat and that they could soon become a minority in their state. These fears, whether well-founded or not, need to be acknowledged if solutions are to be developed.
  • Over at the Institute of Security and International Studies in Bangkok, a look at why reconciliation should spearhead reform in post-coup Thailand.
  • And finally, Vietnamese are the most optimistic country when it comes to views of their children's future financial well-being, according to this Pew Research:

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