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Views across the Pacific: Xi Jinping

Views across the Pacific: Xi Jinping

Two weeks ago we shared with you the first video from the Lowy Institute—Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Views Across the Pacific video partnership. The series features real-time conversations between fellows from both organisations on topical foreign policy issues, highlighting the unique geographic viewpoints of the experts in Washington, DC and Sydney.

Today we release the second in this series, where Lowy Institute East Asia Program Director Linda Jakobson and the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS, Christopher K Johnson, discuss the latest political developments from China. In a candid, wide-ranging discussion, Chris and Linda discuss how China's new leader Xi Jinping has settled into his presidency (0:27) and the power he holds within the new administration (2:35). They also give their thoughts on China's foreign policy direction (3:16) and the status of China's relationship with the US (3:50).


Also on China, tonight Linda Jakobson will give the annual 'Changing China' lecture at the Lowy Institute. Limited seating is available and a podcast and video of the event will go on the website in coming days.

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