Sunday 20 Jan 2019 | 01:07 | SYDNEY
Sunday 20 Jan 2019 | 01:07 | SYDNEY

Aid and development links: Budget roundup



18 May 2015 18:12

  • Last week's budget saw the Government slash the aid budget by 20%. Assistance to Indonesia and Africa was the most affected. Australia now slips to 13th in the OECD rankings of aid donors in the developed world, and 16th in the ratio of ODA to GNI. Read  Alex Oliver's overview of the cuts.
  • Dev Policy breaks down the losers and 'non losers' from the budget.
  • he Pacific and PNG escaped the worst of the aid cuts. Read this Analysis from the Lowy Institute's Jenny Hayward Jones and Philippa Brant.
  • Hamish McDonald, in The Saturday Paper, on why countries that help the Abbott goal of 'stopping the boats' were spared aid cuts. 
  • How will a 40% aid cut (A$220 million) affect Indonesia?  Not much, but it will hit Australian aid companies and consultants, says Don Murat on The Conversation.
  • Anthony Bergin from ASPI argues  for better alignment of Australian aid budget to tackling violent extremism. 
  • Startling graph below from Dev Policy: Official development assistance (ODA) as a percentage of GNI has steadily decreased since 1971, when ODA/GNI ratios began to be recorded. Read Jennifer Fang's post at WhyDev on how aid cuts have historically had bipartisan support. 

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