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Aid and development links: Britain, NGOs and the search for evidence

Aid and development links from The Interpreter team.

(Photo: Images Money/Flickr)
(Photo: Images Money/Flickr)
Published 28 Nov 2017   Follow @AlexandreDayant

  • Annmaree O'Keeffe gives her opinion on the 2017 Australia Foreign Policy White Paper, saying the report does not provide a clear direction for the aid program and diminishes its role within the department toolbox.
  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) released its report on cross-Mediterranean undocumented migration to Europe, revealing the staggering number of deaths that occur in the deadliest migrant crossing in the world.
  • Sara Jerving explains how NGOs function during unstable periods, using the example of several organisations based in Nairobi to illustrate the flexibility needed by NGOs in these situations.
  • Despite the fact that Bangladesh and Myanmar have agreed on return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, it appears conditions are not in place for the safe return of refugees, according to the UN News Center.
  • In the line with Britain's November 2015 Aid Strategy, 26% of the country's aid budget is now being spent by government ministries other than the Department for International Development. Devex looks at how this money is redistributed throughout the government.
  • Louise Ball argues on the importance of evidence informed decision making in the aid and development sector.
  • McKinsey explains how cross-sector partnerships can fight gender inequality, arguing to be successful, these partnerships need great leadership and simple single measurable goal. 

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