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Aid links: budget time, poverty and brain power, more

Links and stories from the aid and development sector.

Beach games in Senegal (Photo: World Bank/Flickr)
Beach games in Senegal (Photo: World Bank/Flickr)
Published 7 May 2018   Follow @AlexandreDayant

  • The Australian aid program will be in the spotlight this week as the Australia Federal budget is handed down on Tuesday. To see where Australian aid goes, take a look at the just released statistics for 2016/17.
  • According to a recent poll, the majority of Australians believe that the country has a responsibility to assist poorer nations with overseas’ aid.
  • Michele Ruta examines the risks and opportunities for developing countries on the path of the Belt and Road initiative.
  • Italian researchers have found that career counselling helps close the immigrant-native gap in high-school track choice, grade repetition, and cognitive skills.
  • After four years of conflict in eastern Ukraine, children continue to go to schools with bullet holes in the walls and sandbags in windows, bomb shelters in the basements and shrapnel in school yards, says UNICEF’s Ukraine Representative, Giovanna Barberis.
  • Does growing up poor harm brain development? This is a question which a team of researchers will try to answer, testing the power of cash transfer on youth cognitive skills.
  • Claudia Navalonirina Raobelina writes to change the perception about Madagascar's opportunities.
  • The Economist comments on the important benefits for both rich and poor countries of implementing universal health insurance.
  • Roy Parizat and Heinz-Wilhelm Strubenhoff examine how technology helps poor farmers in Africa accessing bank services. 


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