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Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a DPhil candidate in Politics at Oxford University. He has an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University in Social & Political Sciences and an MPhil in Comparative Government from Oxford.

Articles by Richard Johnson (3)

  • The four shibboleths of Remain, and why they are unconvincing

    In a 2002 book called Why Britain Should Join the Euro, a team of experts including LSE economist Richard Layard, Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker, European Bank Chief Economist Willem Buiter, Chris Huhne, who sat on the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, and others set out the risks of not joining the euro.
  • The curious case of the British left's Europhilia

    The UK Labour Party has officially embraced a strong 'Remain' position in this month's EU referendum. The party has invested its full resources, including money, party staff, and volunteers. In many parts of the country, the Labour Party is the mainstay of 'Remain' campaign activity. There are two reasons why Labour might come to regret its unqualified europhilia. The first is a question of electoral survival. One-third of Labour supporters will be voting 'Leave' on 23rd June.