Sarah McCosker

Dr Sarah McCosker is a Partner of Lexbridge, the first specialist international law firm and consultancy in the Asia-Pacific region. Sarah’s principal fields of expertise are international humanitarian law, international human rights law, negotiation of intergovernmental instruments and the relationships between international law and diplomacy. Through Lexbridge she provides a diverse range of international law services to governments and other clients across the Asia-Pacific region. Sarah has previously worked as an international law adviser for the ICRC in Geneva, and the Office of International Law in the Attorney-General’s Department. In the Office of International Law, Sarah held several leadership roles, including acting as Assistant Secretary of the International Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Branch, and serving as Director of the International Security section and Director of the International Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Section. She holds a doctorate, a Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Civil Laws from the University of Oxford, all specialising in international law, and undergraduate qualifications in Law and Arts from the University of Queensland. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government or any other institution. 

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