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Digital Asia links: WeChat & the UN, Xiaomi, North Korea, a Cyber Minister and more

Digital Asia links: WeChat & the UN, Xiaomi, North Korea, a Cyber Minister and more

The Asia Pacific is the most dynamic digital landscape in the world, home to the fastest adopters of new technologies and the largest concentration of mobile and social media users. An escalation in online activism, changing cyber dynamics, developments in digital diplomacy and the exploitation of big data are shaping the region's engagement with the world.

  • Stephen Hawking's popularity on Weibo is soaring at light speed with over two million fans in 24 hours.
  • This op-ed in the Asia Times argues Asian nations could use social media and drones in a propaganda war to shame and counter Chinese actions in the South China Sea.
  • Japan, creator of the Walkman and bullet train, is counting on entrepreneurs to rekindle its laggard tech industry.
  • This article profiles two of Asia's biggest social media players, mobile messaging apps Kakao Talk and LINE.
  • This blog post explains the alleged drama surrounding the United Nations' lost and regained WeChat verification status.  
  • The Indian Government plans to set up a new media wing to track and counter negative news.
  • Mobile money regulations have been released in Myanmar and that's great news for the country's unbanked population.
  • The North Korean Government has announced blocks on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, likely putting an end to real-time reporting.
  • From smartphones to smart rice cookers, this infographic navigates the universe of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi.
  • Now that Australia's forthcoming cyber strategy has been leaked, Fergus Hanson argues Australia needs a international cyber strategy and perhaps a Minister for Cyber Affairs.
  • North Korea's latest musical propaganda video, in which it destroys Seoul via 1990s CGI flames, is both hilarious and terrifying: 

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