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Digital Diplomacy links: President-elect Trump special

'Blue Feed, Red Feed', the reaction in China, Canadian and New Zealand soft power, and more.

Digital Diplomacy links: President-elect Trump special

  • Here's a good run-down of how the US election played out on social media and how social networks influenced the electoral process.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s graphic project ‘Blue Feed, Red Feed’, a collation of conservative vs liberal Facebook posts, is still live
  • The Chinese Government did not allow media and social networks to live-stream the US election.
  • This tweet by France’s ambassador to the US went viral, before being deleted. 
  • This election was characterised by online misinformation; the online carriers of that misinformation, Facebook and Twitter, are receiving some flak.
  • This White House blog explains how the US presidential transition works in the social media age and how you can find eight years of online petitions, tweets, video footage and Instagram posts.
  • There were mixed reactions on Weibo to the new Trump's victory, from both state media and Chinese netizens.
  • Canadian and New Zealand soft power pull was on clear display this week, with the Canadian immigration website crashing on election night and a huge spike in Google searches for ‘how to move to New Zealand’.
  • Election day (9 November) also happened to mark the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany’s Foreign Office tweeted about the historical event, attracting plenty of trolls with the hashtag #NoMoreWalls.
  • In their congratulations of President-elect Trump, most world leaders stuck to tired diplomatic platitudes. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the few who didn’t:


Photo: Getty Images/Washington Post

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