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Documentary trailer: Hong Kong Trilogy

Documentary trailer: Hong Kong Trilogy
Published 28 Sep 2015   Follow @SamRoggeveen

Over the weekend Fairfax published a short piece about a new documentary on Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement, the 79-day sit-in protesting changes to Hong Kong's electoral system which were seen to cement Communist Party control over the city.

Strangely, they didn't post a trailer along with the article, so here it is:


The film, which follows the lives of three generations of Hong Kongers at the time of last year's protests, is by accomplished Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and the trailer is indeed visually sumptuous. But it's hard to get any narrative thread from it, and judging by the Guardian's review, this might be true of the film as a whole.

Hong Kong Trilogy has already had a run on the festival circuit and is released in Hong Kong today on the first anniversary of the protests.

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