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Documentary trailer: The Square

Documentary trailer: The Square
Published 4 Nov 2013   Follow @SamRoggeveen

This new documentary about the Eyptian uprising is getting plaudits from reviewers and attracting Oscar buzz. The Daily Beast calls The Square 'the definitive on-the-ground history of the popular uprising that is still remaking and redefining modern Egypt':

...American-born, Egyptian-bred documentarian (Jehane Noujaim) shot thousands of hours of footage on the streets of Cairo, capturing each of the revolution’s key moments—the fall of Mubarak; the skirmishes between protesters and the military; the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood; the election and eventual ouster of Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi; and the subsequent return of the military to power—from the perspective of the intellectuals, Islamists, and young activists who returned time and again to Tahrir Square to make their voices heard.

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