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A guide to the new Interpreter

A guide to the new Interpreter
Published 12 Sep 2013   Follow @SamRoggeveen

Well, after a brief but nerve-shredding hiccup, we did launch the new-look Interpreter earlier today. What's different? Let me count the ways:

  1. The look. Sleek, don't you think? We've kept our iconic Reagan/Gorby image, but in a new context. You'll see it in full-screen glory when you load the site for the first time each day, before it is discreetly covered by the latest post.
  2. The 'rotator' at the top of the page highlights our most popular and most important content. Readers will now see our best stuff even if they haven't visited the site in a few days.
  3. The banner: as you can see, it is anchored to the top your browser window, so even when you scroll down, you get quick access to the menu and search bar.
  4. Tablets and mobiles: the site now re-scales automatically depending on what size screen you are viewing it on. There will be no separate tablet or phone apps for The Interpreter.
  5. Comments: for now, please keep submitting your comments to But in a few weeks, we'll be introducing pre-moderated comment threads.
  6. Debate threads: we were one of the first sites of our kind to introduce these, and debates will remain a key feature. As always, you will be able to view each debate thread on a unique page, and you can now change from chronological to reverse-chronological order.

If you have plaudits or complaints about the site, please let me know on Finally, my thanks to the team at Twisted Pear for putting all of this together; a big effort with a bit more still to come.

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