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Immigration links: 2018 budget, temporary protection status, and more

Links and updates from across the migration and border policy fields.

A fence on the Serbia-Hungary border. (Photo: Omar Marques via Getty Images)
A fence on the Serbia-Hungary border. (Photo: Omar Marques via Getty Images)
Published 11 May 2018   Follow @ErinHarrisAU

  • At the Council on Foreign Relations, Claire Felter and Amanda Shendruk explain “What is Temporary Protected Status?” In the past few months, US President Donald Trump has ended temporary protection status designations for Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, El Salvador, Nepal, and Honduras.
  • Khanh Hoang, of the Kaldor Centre, has written a breakdown of what Australia’s 2018–19 federal budget means for asylum seekers and refugees.
  • The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross is focused on migration and displacement.
  • Immigration Minister Peter Dutton declared this week that it is a “myth” other countries are willing to accept refugees on Manus Island who are not being resettled in America. He also said New Zealand’s stance on asylum seeker resettlement means it is now being marketed as a back-door option for those seeking to reach Australia.
  • The New York Times brings attention to the enslavement of Venezuelen refugees in Brazil.
  • At Discover Society, Jenny Phillimore and Nando Sigona examine the British Government’s Hostile Environment policies and how they affect integration.
  • Following his election victory in April, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is planning to tighten immigration laws, amid complaints of human rights abuses against refugees.
  • In Guernica, an essay by John Washington asks if US Border patrol are committing crimes against humanity. He examines cases, captured on film, of Border Patrol staff sabotaging water and food stashes left in the desert for migrants crossing from Mexico. US Border Patrol has stated that they do not condone the practice.


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