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The Interpreter takes a break

The Interpreter takes a break
Published 23 Dec 2016   Follow @EmmaMConnors

So, as the end of 2016 draws near, what can you say about a year in which a reality TV star made it all the way to the White House and Britain decided to swap its exasperation with the European Union for separation? The sense there is no longer any firm ground was underlined by Oxford Dictionary's choice for word of the year: False truth. That is quite some contrast with the 2015 choice - an emoji, a face with tears of joy.

One thing we can say is that this has been a fine year to be running a digital magazine focused on international affairs. My colleagues on The Interpreter - Sam Roggeveen, John Gooding - and I have had a ringside seat as the world tipped and we thank all of our contributors, inside and outside of the Lowy Institute, for helping to make sense of it all. In 2016 we also unveiled our new look with a bigger, better site which provides many opportunities to create shareable content we hope you will continue to choose to enjoy.

Over the next two weeks we will run our annual 'best of' series, highlighting the big stories of the year and serving up a selection of the quality analysis and commentary we like to think is the hallmark of The Interpreter.

Our regular daily coverage will resume on Monday 9 January.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and all the best for a safe and happy holiday break. 

Photo: Lisi Niesner/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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