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Last chance to be heard on the Lowy Institute’s gender project

Last chance to be heard on the Lowy Institute’s gender project
Published 28 Nov 2016   Follow @DaniellesCave

There are few topics that divide and unite as much as gender equality. That much is already clear from our (still live) Lowy Institute survey on gender diversity in Australian international relations.

Perhaps this is because everybody, in different ways, is a key stakeholder. Our opinions and attitudes have been profoundly shaped by our own experiences (or lack thereof) and the experiences of those around us. That means everybody has a unique perspective to offer.

We want to hear that unique perspective. Unlike most research, this survey gives you an opportunity to inject your opinions, no matter what they are, directly into our project. We welcome all views, no matter your gender, age, background, or level of experience. The survey is in its final week and will close on Friday 2 December at midnight AEST.

We have already collected results from more than 500 of you (and the responses are fascinating). But we want more. And we want women AND men. We would especially like to hear from you if you are working in national security (defence, intelligence or non-government) and those working in trade and economics (Treasury, Austrade and business). If you have already completed the survey, please share it with colleagues.

Please note you will not be asked for your name, contact details, where you work, or even to identify as working in government or non-government. The survey is securely encrypted and your IP address will not be recorded.

To be clear, this survey on gender diversity is seeking results and insights into women’s progression in the field of Australian international relations. We are concerned about both ‘equality’ and ‘equity’: providing equal opportunities for women and men, but also ensuring that women and men can achieve the same benefits from those opportunities. The study is not about men and the difficulties they may encounter. That is not to say men don’t also face gender-related challenges, and some of these will certainly be raised in our project, but they are not the purpose of our study.                                                                             

This is not a short survey and it may take you anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes depending on your pace. So guard against survey fatigue and caffeinate before plunging in. If you started the survey earlier this month but life got in the way, now is your chance to come back to it.

Don’t waste this opportunity to share your frank views. You have until Friday to tell us what you think.

Photo: Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

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