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Migration and border policy links: The Australia-US refugee deal, legal work, climate change and more

Australia's refugee commitment, Trump's immigration executive orders, human rights work in Sudan and more.

A South Sudanese refugee in Uganda, February 2017 (Photo: Getty Images/Dan Kitwood)
A South Sudanese refugee in Uganda, February 2017 (Photo: Getty Images/Dan Kitwood)
Published 23 Mar 2017 

By Rachael Buckland, an intern with the Lowy Institute's Migration and Border Policy Program.

  • On Wednesday the Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced that Australia has met its September 2015 commitment to issue an additional 12,000 refugee visas to people displaced by conflicts in Syria and Iraq.
  • Anne Richard, former US Assistant Secretary of the State for Population, Refugees and Migration, sheds light on the US-Australia refugee deal's aims and objectives. 
  • The Migration Policy Institute unpacked the data collection and reporting requirements embedded in US President Donald Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration.
  • ABC’s Four Corners aired The Age of Consequences, a PBS International documentary examining the nexus between climate change, displacement and conflict.
  • Ahead of the UK triggering Article 50, University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory has collated key data and commentary on the effect of Brexit on EU-UK labour migration.
  • Writing for the Guardian, Oxford University’s Alexander Betts and Paul Collier highlight the importance of granting refugees a legal right to work.
  • The Overseas Development Institute’s Abigail Hunt discusses how mobile technology can be used to break down barriers faced by refugee women in accessing and entering the workforce.
  • The Asia Foundation published a study analysing the implications of migration and remittance on social structures in Nepal.
  • Amnesty International’s Ahmed Elzobier expressed concern at the criminalisation of human rights work in Sudan.
  • With the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis taking place in neighbouring South Sudan, watch UNHCR’s refugee assistance operations in Northern Uganda:

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