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Migration and border policy links: Economic benefits, UK public opinion, Ukraine and more

The economic benefits of migration, women making perilous journeys, and unpacking Trump's statements on unauthorised migration.

Migration and border policy links: Economic benefits, UK public opinion, Ukraine and more
Published 1 Dec 2016 

By Rachael Buckland, an intern with the Lowy's Institute's Migration and Border policy project

  • McKinsey Global Institute research reveals that migration generates significant economic benefits, with immigrant integration playing a role in maximising this.
  • In 2015, migrants sent half a trillion dollars home. The World Economic Forum mapped the flow of funds.
  • Writing for The Guardian, the Lowy Institute’s Jiyoung Song highlights how little is known about the Australia-Costa Rica refugee deal.
  • Speaking at the Trust Women conference, Human Rights Watch Researcher Hillary Margolis told of women migrants having contraceptive injections as they flee their countries, fearing sexual violence but still determined to make the journey.
  • OCHA figures paint a worrying picture of 2016 Afghanistan, with more than 511,762 people displaced since January this year.
  • More than 2 million people are displaced in Ukraine. Read what UNHCR and various local partners are doing to provide aid to those fleeing conflict ahead of winter.
  • Results from a recent University of Oxford study of UK public opinion towards migration reflect the public’s apprehension about cultural impacts of migration, with majority surveyed preferring a reduction in migration numbers.
  • Various sources have reported on the UNHCR-Malaysian Government pilot scheme extending working rights to 300 Rohingya refugees in Malaysia. UQ’s Gerard Hoffstaedter praises this initiative but urges the need for adequate protections.
  • The Kaldor Centre’s Elizabeth Ferris reflects on the 2016 refugee summits and subsequent election of Trump, and what this means for the refugee crisis.
  • MPI unpacks Trump’s deportation discourse in relation to unauthorised immigrants with criminal convictions.

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