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Migration and border policy links: Stories from Manus, journeys to Europe and more

Links and updates from across the migration and border policy field.

Migrants stranded on rocks off the coast of Turkey, December 2017 (Photo: Cem Oksüz/Getty Images)
Migrants stranded on rocks off the coast of Turkey, December 2017 (Photo: Cem Oksüz/Getty Images)
Published 18 Jan 2018   Follow @ErinHarrisAU

  • News Deeply has published a list of the top refugee issues to watch in 2018. The article names the refugee and migration compacts, the migration control policies of wealthy countries, the testing of alternative approaches, and questions over migrant returns as major discussion points for 2018.


  • António Guterres has written for The Guardian on the global benefits of migration, describing how the upcoming international compact on migration negotiations will aim to lay out a 'common vision of how to make migration work for all our nations'.


  • Also at The Guardian, a new interactive feature is sharing stories from Manus Island, from the perspectives of both refugees being held in detention and the local population. Titled 'Beyond the Wire', the interactive launched on Tuesday, with more stories released today and more to follow on Saturday.


  • The New York Times, as part of its regular 'Partisan Writing Roundup', has published a collection of coverage from across the political spectrum reacting to US President Donald Trump's alleged use of the word 'shithole' to describe countries from which he finds large-scale immigration undesirable.


  • Following Trump's alleged 'shithole' comments, Australia was drawn into the conversation by US Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen, who compared the policies Trump is seeking to implement to similar policies in Australia and Canada. This was extensively covered in the Australian media, including this piece from The Age and this piece from The Australian.


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