Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 02:20 | SYDNEY
Thursday 24 Jan 2019 | 02:20 | SYDNEY

Military & strategy links: Container missiles, the nuclear triad, civil-military divide and more



22 April 2014 14:53

  • A Russian arms exporter has displayed a disturbing mock-up of the Club K Container Missile System, which allows a range of modern anti-ship and cruise missile systems to be hidden launch-ready in 40-foot shipping containers.
  • From the Department of Bizarre Inventions: the CASEVAC truck that transforms into a helicopter makes its first flight.
  • War is Boring asks: in an age of sequestration, can the US still afford its nuclear triad?
  • Amid escalating security tensions in eastern Europe, Washington has announced the deployment of limited numbers of US troops to the region. There are also signs that the Pentagon may adjust its approach towards missile defence to focus more explicitly on Russia.
  • Overlooked by Western observers focused on the Crimea crisis, Russia suffered a massive, temporary failure of its GLONASS satellite navigation system. This underscores the fragility of other such system, especially GPS.
  • Since Vietnam, recruitment for the US military has become much more geographically concentrated in the South and Midwest. Has this exacerbated the civil-military divide?
  • War on the Rocks has what looks to be interesting new recurring column exploring the influence of art and aesthetics on conceptions of war and statecraft.
  • Finally, Kings of War has tracked down a documentary that shows just how seriously the Swiss took defensive precautions against Soviet invasion – they included intricately camouflaged (and still operational) bunkers, gun turrets, and underground hangars.

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