This week's selection of news, commentary and analysis from and about the Pacific island region:

  • Brand new from the Australia-PNG network: PNG links.
  • Fluctuations in the flow of aid can have extremely disruptive effects on small economies such as Tuvalu.
  • In Cook Islands, a new report from the Statistics Office confirms the trend of depopulation. Economic reforms which reduced the size of the public service is one of the contributing factors. The impact and policy implications of depopulation have been a significant issue in the lead-up to national elections held this week.
  • Urban youth see little about politics in Solomon Islands that makes them want to get involved.
  • Kiribati, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands will meet with other small atoll nations to prepare a united stand on climate change.
  • The most recent edition of the ADB's Pacific Monitor focuses on the challenges of job creation in the region. The economic update was the basis of a keynote speech by Christopher Edmonds at the Pacific Update.
  • Check out this promo for the forthcoming 'Desert Islanders' in which Ben Bohane visits Pacific islanders serving in Afghanistan: