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Pacific Island links: PIF, State of the Pacific conference, PNG cash flow crisis and more

Pacific Island links: PIF, State of the Pacific conference, PNG cash flow crisis and more
Published 9 Sep 2015 

  • Kiribati President Anote Tong has been critical of Australia and New Zealand’s stance on climate change at the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in Port Moresby, saying they may be asked to leave the group unless action is taken on the issue.  
  • On The Conversation, Jeremy Kohlitz and Pierre Mukheibir stress that Pacific Island nations are not passive victims of climate change but will need help. 
  • Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said discussions at the PIF will also focus on labour mobility and the progress of trade agreement negotiations. The deal between Pacific Island nations and the EU, as well as the Pacer Plus deal with Australia and New Zealand, are getting closer to concluding.   
  • The State of the Pacific conference is wrapping up at ANU. You can keep an eye on it through the hashtag #SOTP2015. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop opened the conference, assuring the audience that Australia is committed to the region and aims to be the partner of choice for the Pacific.  
  • The PNG Government’s cash flow crisis is starting to bite with the closure of St. John's medical service, the only ambulance and drug transfusion service in PNG, because they haven't been paid by the Government. 
  • The second piece in the series by renowned Australian musician David Bridie on the Aus-PNG Network,  he shares the story of his first trip to PNG back in 1986; travels that changed his life and approach to music.  
  • Papua New Guinean tradesmen from the PNGDF are participating in the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme in Titjikala, where they are gaining valuable experience working on a large site.  
  • A new  film Tanna, which follows the love story of two young Yakel people from the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week:


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