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Pacific links: Resilience, US engagement, marine health and more

The limitations of resilience, elections in PNG, the UN Oceans Conference and more.

Marovo Lagoon in Solomon Islands (Photo: Flickr/United Nations Photos)
Marovo Lagoon in Solomon Islands (Photo: Flickr/United Nations Photos)

  • Jenny Hayward-Jones discusses the limitations of resilience in the Pacific Islands context.
  • Greg Colton cautions that President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement may be the beginning of the end of US influence in the Pacific Isands region.
  • The first Pasifika musical to be staged in Australia, 'ReHavaiki', explored identity and belonging for young Pacific Islanders living away from their homelands.
  • Solomon Islands is launching a Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan.
  • Vanuatu announced it will not sign the PACER Plus trade agreement, alongside Fiji and PNG.
  • Bal Kama writes on the challenges faced by the O'Neill Government in PNG over the last five years leading up to this election.
  • Michelle Nayahamui Rooney unpacks a recent political cartoon about female candidates in the PNG election, and offers suggestions to address the media's problematic treatment of women.
  • The 'PNG Speaks' initiative has collected extensive interviews with ten prominent Papua New Guineans, documenting their memories of PNG's independence in 1975.
  • The UN Oceans Conference has ended and, after years of lobbying by Pacific nations, all 193 member countries are supporting an action plan to restore marine health.


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