Lowy Institute Paper: Rise of the Extreme Right by Lydia Khalil

Lowy Institute Paper: Rise of the Extreme Right by Lydia Khalil

An important new book that situates Australia in the global threat landscape of right-wing extremism.
Wed, 28 September 2022

In 2021, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) said that right-wing extremism makes up 50 per cent of its priority caseload. Since that announcement, intelligence and law enforcement agencies have disrupted a number of plots related to right-wing extremists in Australia. But this is not only an issue in Australia. There has been a 250 per cent increase in right-wing terrorism globally. So, what exactly is right-wing extremism and how is its potential for violence growing? Why is it a global problem? How does it threaten democracy and what should we do about it? Rise of the Extreme Right answers these questions.

Lydia Khalil will speak about her book and her experiences as a counter-terrorism specialist in the United States and Australia. Hervé Lemahieu, Director of Research at the Lowy Institute will join Lydia for a Q&A. 


Areas of expertise: Terrorism and violent extremism; digital technology; disinformation; authoritarianism; national security; emergency management and countering violent extremism; crisis and natural disasters; radicalisation; counterterrorism; policy; Middle East; US national security
Areas of expertise: Strategy and geopolitics; global governance; Australian foreign policy; Southeast Asia; Data analysis