Saturday 25 Jun 2022 | 18:59 | SYDNEY
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Views across the Pacific: Ernie Bower and Dave McRae discuss Myanmar

The Lowy Institute for International Policy, in partnership with leading U.S. think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), presents a new video discussion series entitled "Views Across the Pacific". These real-time conversations feature experts from both organisations discussing topical foreign policy issues, providing a fresh global perspective that highlights unique geographic viewpoints from Washington D.C. and Sydney, Australia.

The fourth video in the series features the Lowy Institute’s Indonesia specialist, Dave McRae, and CSIS’ Senior Adviser and Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asia Studies, Ernie Bower, talking about current developments in Myanmar (Burma). They discuss US and Australian approaches to the political reform process (1:15, 2:25), noting the coordinated removal of economic sanctions by the international community.  Human rights get a mention (3:15), as well as the reestablishment of military ties between some Western and regional states and Myanmar (4:33). Finally, Dave and Ernie analyse the role of aid in supporting the reform process (6:30).

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