Mohamed Zeeshan


Mohamed Zeeshan is a foreign affairs columnist, consultant and the editor-in-chief of Freedom Gazette. He has previously worked with the Indian delegation to the United Nations in New York and with Kearney, the global consulting firm. As a consultant, Zeeshan has advised governments across the Middle East on economic and political modernization, and helped draft a multilateral declaration on cybersecurity at the 2020 G20 Summit in Riyadh. He was also involved in strategizing India's historic election to the International Court of Justice in 2017. Zeeshan is currently a staff writer for The Diplomat and hosts a monthly Sunday column in Deccan Herald, titled “The Z Factor”. He also writes frequently for the Straits Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and South China Morning Post, among other international dailies. Zeeshan holds a master's degree in international affairs from Columbia University, where he edited the online edition of the Columbia Journal of International Affairs.

Could India join the Five Eyes?
Could India join the Five Eyes?
The benefits for New Delhi are no secret. But access to intelligence does come at a price.