Pang Zhongying


Pang Zhongying has been teaching International Relations and Global Issues at China’s leading national universities including Nankai in Tianjin, Renmin in Beijing, and Ocean in Qingdao. He obtained a PhD in International Politics from Peking University and a MA in Politics from University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. He served as a non-career political diplomat at the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta Indonesia 1999-2001. He is the author of several peer-reviewed journal articles in English. He was a visiting senior fellow at the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore in 2020. He was a principal member of an international cooperation project “A Twenty-First Century Concert of Powers” by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF/HSFK), Germany, 2011–16. He was a resident visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC 2007–08.

A new “concert” to govern the Indo-Pacific
A new “concert” to govern the Indo-Pacific
For Quad leaders emphasising an “inclusive” region, there may be a ready-made example for involving China.