Peter J. Wilcoxen

The economic and environmental effects of border tax adjustments for climate change policy
For the foreseeable future, climate change policy will be considerably more stringent in some countries than in others. In high-cost countries, there will be political pressure to…
Expecting the unexpected
To estimate the emissions reductions and costs of a climate policy, analysts usually compare a policy scenario with a baseline scenario of future economic conditions without the…
China can grow and still help prevent the tragedy of the carbon dioxide commons
Under reasonable assumptions, China could achieve parity in living standard with Western Europe by 2100, and India by 2150. Climate change, however, may be a key obstacle…
Building on Kyoto: towards a realistic global climate agreement
Although the Kyoto Protocol has not been effective at reducing emissions, it has been very effective at demonstrating a few important lessons about the form future international…
A credible foundation for long term international cooperation on climate change
In this Working Paper in International Economics, the Lowy Institute's Professor Warwick McKibbin and Peter Wilcoxen write that to succeed in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a…
Estimates of the costs of Kyoto-Marrakesh versus the McKibbin-Wilcoxen Blueprint
In this paper we update our earlier estimates of the cost of the Kyoto Protocol using the G-Cubed model, taking into account the new sink allowances from recent negotiations as…