Sadia Rahman


Dr Sadia Rahman is a lecturer at the Department of International Strategic Studies, Universiti Malaya. Her research interests primarily focus on China Studies, specifically, she seeks to understand China's domestic and ethnic policies (in the context of Xinjiang), foreign policy towards India, and cross-Strait relations.

Her academic achievements include receiving prestigious scholarships such as the MOFA Taiwan fellowship and MOE doctoral scholarship from the ROC government. She obtained a grant from the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy for her project on human rights, further highlighting her dedication to impactful research. In 2021, Rahman was awarded the Outstanding Student Award by the ROC government for her exceptional academic accomplishments. She has also been a participant in the XUAR workshop a European Union (EU) Funded project in Brussels Belgium, including presenting her work in several international academic conferences. Rahman has published in WoS indexed and Scopus indexed journals. In addition to her academic pursuits Rahman serves as the Editor of the International Journal of China Studies.

The cable ties to China’s Digital Silk Road
The cable ties to China’s Digital Silk Road
Stronger international protections are needed to safeguard the connections of the digital age.