Australians speak 2005: public opinion and foreign policy
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Australians speak 2005: public opinion and foreign policy

The 2005 Lowy Institute Poll was, at the time, the most comprehensive single survey ever taken of Australian public opinion on foreign policy. The report, Australians Speak 2005: Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, contains insights on issues ranging from Australian defence policy to relations with our friends and allies and our involvement in Iraq.

‘For Australians, the threat of global warming is slightly more worrying than international terrorism.’

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Key Findings
  • 34% of Australians think the Free Trade Agreement with the US will be good for Australia.
  • Only 46% of Australians support our continued military involvement in Iraq.
  • 'Improving the global environment’ should be our number one foreign policy goal, along with ‘strengthening the Australian economy’ and ‘protecting the jobs of Australian workers’.

Executive Summary

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