Conversations: The Stakes of Diplomacy - 2024 Global Diplomacy Index

Conversations: The Stakes of Diplomacy - 2024 Global Diplomacy Index

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In this episode, the Lowy Institute’s Research Director Hervé Lemahieu talks with Ryan Neelam, the Institute’s Director of the Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Program about the findings of the recently launched 2024 Global Diplomacy Index. What do diplomatic networks tell us about superpower rivalry, geopolitical competition, and a more multipolar world order? How do nations use diplomacy to build influence, and where are they targeting their investments? What does Australia’s relative underinvestment in diplomacy mean for its ability to advance its interests? In a broad-ranging discussion, Hervé and Ryan explore the often overlooked role of diplomacy in shaping the modern world.

2024 Global Diplomacy Index:

2024 Global Diplomacy Index – Key Findings Report:

America, take heed — China is winning the diplomacy race:  Financial Times opinion piece by Ryan Neelam

Australia’s ‘diplomatic deficit’ harms our global presence: Canberra Times opinion piece by Ryan Neelam and Hervé Lemahieu:

Five surprises from Lowy’s Global Diplomacy Index: Lowy Institute Interpreter article by Jack Sato:



Areas of expertise: Australian foreign policy and public opinion, climate change and sustainability, multilateral diplomacy, China and Hong Kong.
Areas of expertise: Strategy and geopolitics; global governance; Australian foreign policy; Southeast Asia; Data analysis