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An Asian security standoff

Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow Alan Dupont has published an article in the May-June 2012 issue of The National Interest on how the dissolution of the Old Order in East Asia has created a delicate power balance there. The full text of the article is available here

Staying the executioners' guns?

In a new piece for Inside Indonesia, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Dr Dave McRae outlines signs that Indonesia may move towards abolition of the death penalty, and examines how Indonesia is reconciling its foreign and domestic policy on capital punishment. Read the full text of Staying the

Horizontal Asia

Anthony Bubalo and Malcolm Cook from the Lowy Institute have published an article titled 'Horizontal Asia' in the May/June 2010 issue of The American Interest. The article argues that the rise of China and India and these two giants' growing ties with the Middle East are undercutting our

Behind the mountains

In an article in May/June edition of The American Interest, Konrad Muller explores the anxieties toward China that still linger in Kazakhstan, Central Asia's most significant state economically and politically, and a country in which China has very serious interests: diversifying oil supplies,

Right arguments, wrong ocean?

In this book review roundtable for the journal Asia Policy, the Lowy Institute’s Rory Medcalf appraises the core arguments of Red Star over the Pacific, by Toshi Yoshihara and Jonathan R. Holmes. Mr Medcalf focuses on the book’s treatment of China’s Indian Ocean ambitions. 

Diplomacy, transparency and public opinion

In this article in leading Spanish-language international affairs journal Politica Exterior, Lowy Institute program director Rory Medcalf examines the consequences of the publication of thousands of classified diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks.The original article in Spanish can be accessed at: http://

New Caledonia's unrealized legacy

In an article in The Diplomat, Chief of Army Visiting Fellow Nicholas Floyd writes that New Caledonia's role in the South Pacific has been largely ignored. But both strategically and economically it could be a key player.The article can be read here.A French version of the paper has also been

Coral Sea neighbours - then and now

In this latest article on Pacific strategic issues, Army Visiting Fellow Nick Floyd argues that on the eve of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and New Caledonia, it is timely to consider the continuing strategic relevance of this near neighbour to Australia.The article

A new mind-set for exchange rates

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Stephen Grenville has published an article entitled 'A new mind-set for exchange rates' in the first issue for 2010 of Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform (Volume 17 - Issue 1).The article is available at:

The stellar status symbol

In the latest issue of China Security, Research Associate Fiona Cunningham argues that Chinese behaviour needs to be viewed in light of its ambition to become a great power. ‘The Stellar Status Symbol: True Motives for China’s Manned Space Program’ examines China’s first manned space mission

Australia's strategic analysis capabilities

In this article in the journal Security Challenges, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf examines Australia's strategic analysis capabilities, both within and beyond the formal intelligence community. He presents a case for open-source strategic assessments to be presented in the

Back to the future

Since 1991 there has been a proliferation of new theories regarding insurgency and counterinsurgency. In this article, entitled 'Back to the future: the enduring characteristics of insurgency and counterinsurgency', Mark O’Neill offers the view that many of these have little utility in

Australian defence policy

In this comment in the Kokoda Foundation journal Security Challenges, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf puts the case against Australia’s seeking military capabilities sufficient to single-handedly deter or cripple a major power

Anglo-Saxon attitudes

Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Owen Harries has published a review of a new book, 'God and Gold: Britain, America, and the making of the modern world', by Walter Russell Mead, in Foreign Affairs magazine. Foreign Affairs, January/February 2008

Foreign policy after George W. Bush

In the November/December 2007 issue of The American Interest, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow Owen Harris has written a response to Barry Posen's article 'Foreign policy after George W. Bush: the case for restraint'.The entire Posen article, with comments and responses can be read at: http://www

Beyond the Paramount Area

In this paper for a pre-election edition of the Kokoda Foundation journal Security Challenges, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf outlines some of the possible difficult decisions ahead for Australian security policy in regions beyond the neighbourhood. 

Time to move on in the defence policy debate

The paradigm of strategic geography gained prominence in Australian defence policy in the 1987 Defence White Paper 'The Defence of Australia'. Time and evolving strategic circumstance has made this paradigm increasingly irrelevant to Australia's defence. Recent Government defence policy, operational

The schizophrenic superpower

Dr Alan Dupont has published an article entitled The Schizophrenic Superpower in the journal The National Interest. When Robert Kagan famously wrote that, in their approach to power and security, Americans are from Mars and Europeans from Venus, what might he have said about Japan? In most

Noodle soup

In an article in the current edition of The Diplomat, Mark Thirlwell reviews some of the causes and possible consequences of the spread of preferential trade deals to East Asia. The Diplomat, Vol. 5 no. 1, April/May 2006, pp. 37-38