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This is America’s new foreign policy on show
The abandoning of Afghanistan is all about a shift to diplomacy and deal-making, not firepower and force. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.
New man in Tehran aims for supreme power
Originally published in The Australian.
How Biden's China doctrine can swing the pendulum back
A shift toward the center is more likely in coming months. Originally published in Nikkei Asia Review.
The trouble with Washington’s ‘Rules-Based Order’ gambit
Improved U.S. compliance with international norms would greatly enhance U.S. defense of the rules-based international order. Originally published in The Diplomat.
Why the US is quietly outshining China
Xi Jinping likes to say China owns the future and the West is in decline. But appearances can also deceive. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.
China’s communists guard their future from the past
As they celebrate their party’s centenary, China’s leaders remain obsessed with the fate of the Soviet Union and its political reforms. They study history to avoid a repeat. …
Xi's tech crackdown preserves socialism with Chinese characteristics
Protecting foreign investors has never been a top priority. Originally published in Nikkei Asia Review   Richard McGregor
Xi Jinping reels in his tech titans
Private enterprise created China’s vaunted digital economy. But Big Brother is always in charge. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.
China’s looming succession crisis
What will happen when Xi is gone? Originally published in Foreign Affairs.