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Northeast Asia turns its attention to the Arctic
In an analysis brief for the National Bureau of Asian Research, Lowy Institute East Asia Program Director Linda Jakobson writes that China, Japan, and South Korea are all…
Environmental change and migration: implications for Australia
In the Pacific Islands region, climate change and natural disasters could displace potentially  thousands of people in coming years.  A significant number of these…
The Eurozone bad bets: a beginner guide to the Eurozone crisis
In this new Working Paper, Mark Thirlwell provides a beginner’s guide to the Eurozone crisis. Mark Thirlwell
Obama alliances
In this Lowy Institute paper Dr Steven Casey explores the Obama administration’s approach to alliances as the United States experiences relative economic and military decline in…
India’s new world: civil society in the making of foreign policy
Ashok Malik and Rory Medcalf argue that Indian foreign policy is being shaped increasingly by three dynamic aspects of civil society: business, the Indian diaspora and the…
Responding to boat arrivals in Australia: time for a reality check
With boat arrivals featuring prominently on the Australian political agenda, 2010-2011 saw a flurry of policy proposals focused on mitigating this trend. This report situates…
The US mid-term elections and the Obama Administration
On Friday 5 November, two leading commentators on US politics and foreign policy, Dr Michael Fullilove and Daniel Flitton, provided some immediate analysis of the mid-term results…
The stakeholder spectrum: China and the United Nations
In recent decades China has become a far more active and effective player in, and contributor to, the United Nations. However, according to Dr Michael Fullilove, the limits of…